Am I Too Old to Learn Piano?

It is often in later years that people have more time to themselves. Maybe they have retired and have more time on their hands, or the kids have grown up and have left home. Whatever the reason there is time for them to think about what they want to do.

man-578909_1280For many a love of music draws them to consider learning to playing an instrument, and the piano is a popular choice. But then they ask themselves the question am I too old to learn piano?

Well the short answer is No! Unless, of course you have some disability that affects your hands. No matter what your age, you can start learning to play the piano. Don’t expect to become a concert pianist, but you can expect to become very successful in performing many pieces of music if you’re prepared to work at it.

As an older student you have an advantage over younger students

First of all you are choosing to learn because you want to. Not because Mum and Dad think it’s a good idea for you.

You are mature and so you can learn and apply yourself to the learning process, unlike a child who is still learning to learn!

You know what music you like and depending how you go about learning, you may choose to learn music you actually enjoy rather than be dictated to by some teachers who don’t know what music you like. Learning something you enjoy and want to play is much more motivating than trying to learn a piece that you don’t know or like.

You will have the discipline and determination to make self learning a real possibility. This is more flexible and economic.

There are also many benefits from learning the piano as an older student.

Learning to play piano is good for your brain! Scientific studies have shown that producing music stimulates the brain in many ways, in fact more than many other activities. This is a definite benefit for older students.

Learning piano can also relieve stress. Sitting down and playing the piano helps to relax you and this can translate into many health benefits, such as reduced blood pressure, improve your immune system and your general well being.

As you practice the piano, you will improve your hand to eye coordination. To create music you will be using both hands independently on the keyboard. This is initially quite hard, but as you acquire the ability your hand eye coordination will become stronger as well.

Here’s something amazing. Playing the piano can increases human growth hormone (HGH), especially in older students. Human growth hormones are linked to reduction of age related aches and pains. A study carried out at the University of Miami found that a group of retired people who took keyboard lessons had significantly higher levels of HGH than a group that did not. Higher levels are beneficial in protection against osteoporosis and can also improve energy levels, sexual function and muscle mass.



Of course the benefits of learning are not what it’s really about. It’s about the sheer pleasure of being able to create music. So please don’t let your age be a barrier to learning piano. Make a decision today to start learning. You won’t regret it!

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