Piano For All – Can This Really Teach You To Play Piano?

As I said in my earlier post, I created this Piano for All Review site to provide my honest review as a user of the product. My aim is to provide enough information so that anyone wishing to learn piano can decide if this course is right for them.

This is a review site: Please click here to visit Robin Hall’s “Piano for All” Official Website

I know that there are many other review sites, but some of these are fake reviews put together simply to gain commissions when you purchase.

My reputation is important to me and my name and face is on this site so I would never write a review without actually buying the product and using it. To prove this I have included a picture of my Receipt below…

Piano For All Receipt
As you can see I have actually purchased the Piano for All course. I felt it was important to prove to you that this is an honest review.

So can Piano for All teach you to play piano? I’m sure it can if you work diligently through the course – and it’s hardly work, it’s a real pleasure. Many people would love to be able to play the piano, but are less keen on all the work needed to be able to play well. The Piano for All course is based on learning chords and sequences of chords and this approach makes it quick and easy to produce really nice music without hours of traditional methods and practice.

This is a review site: Please click here to visit Robin Hall’s “Piano for All” Official Website

I have a way to go but I have found that now after just about a week I can make some nice sounding piano music, it really fires up my enthusiasm and motivation. It is the quick results I am getting with Piano for All that makes this such a great way to learn piano for me. It’s definitely worth the money for anyone who wants to learn piano fast.

I’m going back to my digital piano now for some more practice, which is a pleasure, not a chore!

My full review will appear soon.

Keep practicing


PS: check out this video I made about Piano For All

Piano For All Review

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