Piano For All – First Impressions

I decided to start this review site for the Piano For All course as I have just bought it and I have been surprised at how quickly I have been able to produce quite pleasant sounding music without hours of practice.

So how does Piano For All achieve this?

The course comprises ten ebooks that guide you in a simple step by step fashion. Each book covers a different style of playing from Blues, Jazz to Classics. To make the learning experience more effective, the books also include lots of audio clips and video clips that action directly within the ebook. Simply click the Audio or Video icon and the audio or video starts within the page.

This is a great way to learn as you have very simple instructions along with the all important video demonstrations.

If you are reading this piano for all review, then you are probably thinking about buying this course. Take it from me (as someone who as actually bought the product) , if you follow the course, which is really quite easy, you will quickly be amazing your friends and family with the wonderful sounds you will be able to produce from your piano or keyboard.

This is a review site: Please click here to visit Robin Hall’s “Piano for All” Official Website

I’ll be back later with more information about the Piano For All course. But for the moment … I’m off to practice the piano. I can’t believe how simple it is to play!

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Piano For All Review

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